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EPM Talk

Jul 27, 2020

As we become more and more dependent on cellular service for personal as well as professional use, we cannot afford to have holes in coverage.  

Join Mark Plaster as he chats with Terri Wolcott of Wilson Electronics about the company's Fleet Signal Boosters for a discussion of how you can get coverage anywhere any...

Jul 9, 2020

Emergency Medicine is experiencing fundamental change as the result of more women entering the specialty, particularly as it pertains to how we deal with pregnancy.  

Don’t miss Dr Plaster’s interview with Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne, a physician who discusses issues like maternal leave, salary and COVID-19. You’ll be...

Jul 2, 2020

In this week's installment of EPM Talk, Mark Plaster chats with Kevin Spencer of Ring Rescue, a company with a device that helps remove rings from swollen fingers. 

Mark has a personal experience as at ACEP 2019, he had his wedding ring that he hadn't taken off for 40 years removed via the device. 

Tune in to this fun...